Nicaraguan NGOs

Hundreds of international NGOs shut down in Nicaragua

Of the international NGOs that were cancelled 41% were from the United States and were engaged in development assistance in Nicaragua

NGOs Shut Down Nicaragua

More than a million Nicaraguans affected by mass closures of NGOs

Inter-American Dialogue calculates losses of $200 million in community development. State-run monopoly does not fill the social void

NGO closures cause “human drama” for Nicaraguans

Human rights advocates warn of negative consequences from the Nicaraguan government’s arbitrary closure of non-profits and the deterioration of public

Ortega Shuts Down another 100 Nicaraguan Non-Profits

From December 2018 to September 2022, the regime has stripped 1,981 organizations of their legal status

Ortega’s Ministry of Interior continues to close NGOs

By canceling these 100 organizations, the regime raises to 1706 the NGOs stripped of their legal status so far in 2022 alone

Ortega Murillo regime cancels 200 NGOs

Parliament and Migob each eliminated 100 organizations, bringing the NGOs canceled to 1,606 so far in 2022

Ortega expels Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation

The representative of the organization was given 72 hours to leave Nicaragua, which prevents them from closing the 20 projects underway

Another 100 NGOs shut down in Nicaragua

The Ortega-Murillo regime has eliminated 1,406 organizations, foundations and associations so far in 2022

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