OAS Nicaragua

Ortega shuts the doors to Almagro’s diplomatic efforts

“No formal response has been received in this regard,” the secretary general reported to the OAS Permanent Council

The OAS at a crossroads: The Almagro report and the absence of the U.S., do they have the 24 votes?

The Permanent Council meets this Wednesday: Ortega does not respond to diplomatic efforts, and the OAS has yet to define next steps

The OAS votes to isolate Ortega, negotiations unlikely

The regime’s path is to pretend it’s calling for internal dialogue, states political analyst Alberto Cortes

OAS calls emergency session to approve resolution on Nicaragua

The meeting will address a new resolution in which the Ortega regime is asked to release its political prisoners and the start of a negotiation

José Miguel Vivanco: The options of the OAS in international negotiations

Director of Human Rights Watch suggests: “A high level OAS, EU, UN commission to deliver an ultimatum to Ortega”

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