Political Prisoners

Political prisoners organize protest at El Chipote prison

Shouts and slogans come from the cells, as the political prisoners sing the national anthem and demand freedom and the end of torture and isolation.

political prisoners protest el chipote

Political prisoners Harry Chavez and Yoel Sandino sentenced

Harry Chavez and Yoel Sandino sentenced

Economist Harry Chavez and the digital activist, Yoel Sandino, were sentenced to ten and eleven years in prison.

All seven opposition candidates sentenced to prison

Urnas Abiertas: “This is the consummation of the political persecution and prosecution against any opposition leadership or force”; Costa Rica condemns

Ortega’s political prisoners with Covid-19, eye-sight and fungus problems

Relatives request that the prisoners in El Chipote be released to house arrest, or at least transferred to a regular prison

Suyen is filled with hope, we want her freedom

“My mother’s name is Esperanza (Hope), I am filled with her. Let´s continue united. Courage. Justice and Liberty.”

Hugo Torres Jiménez: hero of the struggle against the Somoza dictatorship

He has never given in to power and when Ortega regained the government in 2007, he did not accept positions, perks, or privileges.

“Christmas without political prisoners” campaign underway for Nicaragua

European deputies advocate for “more diplomatic and economic pressure” on the Ortega-Murillo regime, in repudiation of the November 7th electoral farce

Ortega regime arrests former ambassador Edgar Parrales

Civilians took the former diplomat when he was on his way to do a bank transaction. "They are taking me against my will," he said.

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