Ortega regime seizes OAS office in Nicaragua

In a press conference loaded with insults towards the OAS, Foreign Minister announces that they will withdraw the credentials of its representatives

Nicaragua needs more civic heroes

Arturo McFields, who has been inside the spheres of the regime, said clearly that there is weariness in the State. I certainly believe that

Arturo McFields: “I am the proof that there are many more, do not lose hope”

Ambassador denounces cruelty against political prisoners and tells public servants: “lose your fear”

The honorable defection of Arturo McFields

To defect from totalitarianism is an honorable and often heroic act. McFields strips the regime naked, and he does so with a simple warning

Nicaragua’s OAS ambassador rebels against Daniel Ortega

Arturo McFields assures that he is raising his voice for the political prisoners and those killed by the Ortega regime’s repression.

Failure of Luis Almagro’s efforts with Ortega aggravates Nicaragua crisis

Analysts warn that diplomatic efforts will not yield different results if the correlation of forces in Nicaragua does not change.

Ortega shuts the doors to Almagro’s diplomatic efforts

“No formal response has been received in this regard,” the secretary general reported to the OAS Permanent Council

The OAS at a crossroads: The Almagro report and the absence of the U.S., do they have the 24 votes?

The Permanent Council meets this Wednesday: Ortega does not respond to diplomatic efforts, and the OAS has yet to define next steps

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